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[sticky post] Books Read in 2012

Ravenclaw reading a book
I rather enjoyed keeping track of the books I read in 2011, so I'm going to try and do the same in 2012. This post will again be just for the list; there will hopefully be separate monthly posts with comments after each month, too.

For anyone interested, I also have a GoodReads account (feel free to friend me if you're on GoodReads, too!), where there might be the occasional longer comments as well as my personal ratings.

Book list of 2012Collapse )

Just to keep things more colourful, I've also set myself a goal of 100 120 150 books, and will try to keep this ticker updated:

Books read in 2011

Ravenclaw reading a book
I'm going to attempt keeping track of the books I read this year. No idea if I manage to keep it up, but it's worth a try.

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bunny Focus on me
So, off to the UK today. Internet access will probably be infrequent in the next ten days, although I think most of the hotels we're staying at have free WiFi. Have to leave for the airport in about two hours.

London, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast, here I come!


bunny Let's Play
So after completely giving up on Doctor Who at some point in late season 6 and only watching the few specials since, I've decided to make a new effort with Capaldi.

After the first two episodes, my verdict: still don't care for Moffat's writing (more the first episode than the second), but I do like Capaldi and I think there's a good chance I might like Twelve very much indeed. Already liking him so, so much more than Ten or Eleven. I just hope the actual episodes continue to be at least somewhat watchable and not make me want to give up in boredom again.

Also, no matter how many hot young guys they wheel out for Clara, they're not going to stop me shipping Twelve/Clara. (Yeah, I know Moffat and Capaldi have both said "not gonna happen". So? :p) They've got excellent chemistry, which doesn't hurt.

Also, with the Skulduggery Pleasant canon now being officially over (bar the possibility of one more short story after the Theatre of Shadows live event on 27 September), it seems I have a newfound desire to write fic in that universe again - a desire which was basically killed after Last Stand of Dead Men. I really don't want to imply anything about how The Dying of the Light ends, or what happens in it, because that's something to be experienced first hand, but yeah, I've already written a thing and started another (although I'll need to gather my thoughts more for that one) and I think I'll write another one.

There are things to be said for closed canons. ~thinks of ALL the fabulous fix-it post-DH SSHG fic out there~

Long Time No Update

Skul & Val LSODM closeup
Oh dear. I don't know why this is, but for some reason I just .. can't seem to manage to keep up with LJ these days.

I blame the day the LJ plug-in for Firefox, which kept me up with friends page updates and what not, stopped working, those many, many months ago. (But really, that's no excuse, I know.)

The other thing is just that I haven't felt very talkative for some time now. I don't know if that will change - maybe, maybe not.

Cut for Pätsu update.Collapse )

Skulduggery Pleasant. Is over.Collapse )

So, yeah. That's really my life for the last several months in a nutshell - work, Pätsu + wibbling over the end of SP.

Kribu the cat.

A post that is long overdue, I guess, but which I couldn't really make myself write until now.

Some of you who follow me on Twitter or Google+ already know this, but Kribu the cat is gone. Gone this past Monday - by our choice, not hers, at that. Cut for stuff. Not all of it pretty stuff. Feel free to skip.Collapse )

Oddly enough, it hurts a lot less now than I'd have expected it to, all things considered. I miss her; I will miss her for a long time yet - I still miss Musti, in spite of her being gone for nearly five years now - but I suppose in a way having seen her deteriorate in the way she did, and having seen those last few weeks of hers, I suppose that means it's been easier to accept that it was the right decision.


Autumn picspam: colours & reflections

I've been terribly behind in, well, everything these days, not the least picspam posts - usually just don't have the energy and it's not like there have been a lot of pics taken lately anyway. Yesterday was an utterly gorgeous autumn day, though - sunny and at 10°C, relatively warm - so I managed to get myself to Kadriorg, where there were pretty trees and reflections to be seen and taken pictures of.

Cut to spare f-lists. Trees, leaves, reflections, artsy stuff.Collapse )

Today started off sunny but is now considerably gloomier, and there might be rain ahead, so I don't suppose I'll be going out today...


Catching up

bunny Focus on me
I know, I know. It's been far too long again. I never even got around to the promised part 2 of the latest picspam post, a month ago now.

Sigh. Work and everything else has just really left me too exhausted to even think about blogging for a while now. Even Twitter seems too much an effort on most days, never mind Google+ or LJ. Anyway, now that I have some moments at last - not so much because I don't have work, because I do, and a lot of it, but because this work is in an excruciatingly slow program that I need to use over VPN and because moving from one segment to the next takes forever - I figured I should post something, just to avoid drifting away completely.

Anyway. Cut for work and Kribu the cat.Collapse )

In considerably better news, I decided that with everything that's been going on in my life this year I really do need a break, even though with all the recent unexpected expenses, I'm not completely comfortable with the idea of spending a considerable amount of money on travelling. Then again, I can afford it, I didn't travel anywhere last year, and I really do need a change of scenery, so...

Travelling.Collapse )

Other than working, worrying and travel-planning, I've been reading. Lots of books, as usual (with being tired, reading a few hours every evening is all I've had energy for). Most significantly, I finally got around to giving a try to The Beekeeper's Apprentice and ... well, in the last two weeks I've basically devoured the first six books, I ship Russell/Holmes like a crazy shipping thing (may I say that it feels weird to ship something that is completely, utterly, canon?), and basically I've had to force myself to take a few breaks to read other stuff in between those books in order to avoid an overdose.

I'm perilously close to a new shiny obsession, yes. Not one I need at this point, but ... why did I never read these books before?? (Oh yes. Sherlock Holmes. I've never managed to enjoy anything Sherlock before, for some reason; needless to say, this has now changed.) It's like it's a series that's been written for me, to my personal specifications. Not perfect, no, but they're everything I could wish for in a book. In fact, the only thing I'd want a tiny bit more of is more romance (this is me, the person who usually complains about romance in books and doesn't want it!), but I'm happy with the little there is.

Whew. Right. Back to work...

Picspam: Zoo, 1/2

Viini mets
Seeing as I'm on holiday now, I decided I needed a small break from sitting at home & worrying about Kribu (she wasn't doing that well yesterday but seems better again now - still healing; it's a lengthy process for an old cat) and mum & I went to the zoo instead.

So... yeah. Pics.

Cut for various pics.Collapse )


Klaas valgus
Here's the other part of Sunday's walk's picspam. If the first part was mostly songbirds / park stuff, then this is all seaside.

Cut for the pics.Collapse )


So. After complaining how much I've grown tired of taking pics, there are still a few things that make me get out the camera when going for a walk. Birds are one of those things. :p

Yesterday was a cool, overcast day - around +12°C and not raining, so for a walk, pretty perfect really. So mum and I went to Kadriorg park and amazingly, spring has finally arrived. As have birds.

Cut for pictures. Mostly birdies.Collapse )

I had way too many pictures once again to choose from, especially chaffinches, but I don't think I've ever before got so close to them so many times, so... :-|


Winter Sea Picspam, Part 1/2

Kribu kell
It's been a while again, so... went for a seaside walk last Sunday and didn't really have the time or energy to even look at the pictures properly until today. But anyway. Sea, ice, snow, rocks. The usual. :D

Cut to spare f-lists around the world.Collapse )

(I'm very proud of my captions, I have to say.)


Random Snow Close-up Picspam Post

Klaas valgus
Long time no picspam post... so here's a few from the other day.

Snow close-ups, mostly.

Cut for the pics.Collapse )

Thaw today. Meh. Streets were very icky earlier - all slushy, melting snow.


Reading Summary: December 2012

Ravenclaw reading a book
Another month is over, and so is this year's attempt at keeping count of the books I've read. I've done this for two years now and had fun with it, but now that I'm using Goodreads properly, I think this will also be the last of these entries.

Anyway. I didn't feel up to reading a lot in December, occasionally skipping reading entirely on several days in a row, but even so I seem to have managed to add eleven books to my list. Granted, one of them I didn't manage to finish and one was a re-read, but even so. Also, according to Goodreads, I've read 171 books altogether this year, which is... not too shabby, I suppose.

Cut for the books and comments.Collapse )

So. Those were the books for December. Cinder was a joy and the highlight of this month but yeah, in general I struggled a bit.

Also, to recap the year... Cut for my list of top favourite reads of 2012.Collapse )

Random Blackbird Picspam

Kribu kell
We've been having visits from a pair of curious blackbirds lately (the ones who seem to have opted to stay for the winter - the overwhelming majority of them don't) but today was the first time I actually managed to have the window open to get a few pics. Only one this morning; the female seems to be a bit more shy and has visited much more rarely than the male.

Cut for some pics.Collapse )

Also finally got confirmation for my suspicion that if there is one blue tit around here, there should be more - today two of them came here at the same time! Only one dared to go and eat a bit, though. They seem to be pretty shy little things who fly away the moment a great tit comes (and we have a lot of those), never mind something as huge as a sparrow or a pigeon. No pics, unfortunately, as they're so shy and fly away so quickly if I as much as reach out for the camera.

Right, back to work...


Random stuff + frosty picspam

Klaas valgus
I've been feeling a little ... adrift, or something, for a while now. No more writing. Reading books is starting to feel like a chore. There is nothing I want to watch. The Internet has lost its appeal, by and large. I just sort of drift from one thing to another, trying to find a way to pass the time until bedtime, bored and not really enjoying anything.


Managed to go out for a walk yesterday, though. It was nice - frosty and sunny. Took some pictures, not so much because I wanted to, but because walks with mum without a camera are even more boring as it means just having to stand around and wait a lot. So, pictures. And if I'm already killing my hard drive with them, might as well post some.

Cut for the pics.Collapse )

So, that was yesterday. Today looks very different, as it's been snowing since last night, so instead of frost, there's piles and piles of proper snow on trees - well, pines at least. Also, the shortcut on my way to the supermarket goes across an empty field and isn't official, so it wasn't ploughed. There was snow. Which is fun in general, but a little bit less so when you have to make your way through half-calf-height fluffy fresh snow with a heavy rucksack and two shopping bags in hand (including two 5 kg bags of cat litter). Well, it's probably good for my leg muscles, or something....

Reading Summary: November 2012

Ravenclaw reading a book
Another month is over and this means there is only one month left to keep up with my list of books read in 2012. I'm starting to wonder if there's any point in carrying on with this after this year; I was mainly doing it for myself anyway, but now that I'm keeping up with my reading on Goodreads anyway, there might be little reason for me to clutter people's f-lists here. Hmm. Have to give it some thought, I suppose.

Anyway. November. 13 books read, in spite of me taking several hours off for a week to watch all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. I also completed my twice-increased (from 100 to 120 and then to 150) challenge for books read this year, passing 150 books with a month and a half left in the year.

Cut for books and comments.Collapse )

Overall, a mixed bag of a month. Highlights: The Casual Vacancy and Whispers Under Ground, plus I found a couple of more urban fantasy series that seem worth following (at least for another book or two), although none that got me really excited and eager.


Klaas valgus
Not feeling up to a coherent post, so here's a bulleted list.

  • Watched The Avengers. Great fun. RDJ was even prettier than in the Iron Man films (I think aging is agreeing with him). Captain America, on the other hand, really needed to lose that stick up his (admittedly not bad to look at) arse. I booed whenever he was mean to my darling Tony, which happened a lot.

  • Persistent pair of pigeons trying to make a home in my balcony is persistent. I've lost count how many times I've waved at them now, and they keep coming back.

  • I've officially given up on writing. Anything. Ever again. I'm tired of the struggles and feeling like I "should" do it, for all the wrong reasons, and the constant unhappiness it's caused me the last several years. It's not like I'd ever be capable of writing original fiction anyway, so why even bother.

  • I'm tired. I'm also considering giving up on my awesome plan of daily at least ~20-30 minute walks, which I've kept up with since early September with only a handful of days missed, as it's starting to completely kill my ankles / heels / hamstrings, and I don't think those are the sort of body areas more exercise is going to do anything but make it worse. Doesn't seem to matter which shoes/boots I wear, either, it's always bad.

  • I realised it's just not the hair on my head going grey - it's the hair on my chin (I refuse to call it a beard), too. ~iz old~

  • I spent a completely pointless three hours shopping for clothes on Sunday - didn't get a single thing, neither jeans (not a single pair, anywhere, that would fit me and my body) nor a new bra which I'm really needing by now - but amidst the twenty five million bras or so, there was not one single bra-shaped model (i.e. not a sleeveless-shirt-shaped sports bra) without pre-formed cups. Just... argh.

  • Have stocked up on chocolate. Getting tired of it.

  • Have realised that what I'd really need is a comfortable armchair, with a foot stool, for reading, but there is literally nowhere at home to put it, so... can't do.

  • Want new TV. Alas, old 26'' non-widescreen CRT TV is still perfectly functional. (Not that I know why I want a new TV. It's not like I actually watch stuff on it.)

  • Went slightly overboard at Kobo's website buying books this last week. A 40% off re-usable coupon is not nearly as good a thing as one might think. :-S


Random November Picspam

Work was more horrid than usual this week, so I don't really have anything to say. Have drabbled daily but I think that's over now - completely out of inspiration and not really feeling all that positive about stuff any more anyway, so meh. Whatever. I don't think I'm cut out for this writing lark anyway.

Anyway. I have kept up with daily walks, and yesterday and today I also had a camera in my pocket.

Cut for pics.Collapse )

Off to read now, I think, before Midsomer Murders later.


Rambling + autumnal picspam

Klaas valgus
I finally got around to reading The Casual Vacancy. DAMN. It's not going to be a book everyone likes, and I can see a multitude of reasons why not, and I went into it fully expecting to dislike it and be disappointed, but ... I enjoyed it tremendously. There's not a lot of plot to speak of, perhaps, but what a brilliant, brilliant study of people.

Went to the cinema with mum today, to see Une Estonienne à Paris, a French/Estonian co-production that was, while mostly in French and starring Jeanne Moreau, a very Estonian film at heart, with its long, long silences and close-ups of silent people being silent. I enjoyed it surprisingly much, in spite of not really expecting to. (This seems to be a theme for today.)

Yesterday, we went out for a walk. The snow - which stayed for days - is now all but gone after several days of rain and temperatures around +5°C. So, there is a bit of picspam. Cut for pics.Collapse )

Also, so far I've managed to stick to my drabble writing plan and have produced six Skulduggery drabbles in five days, at least one every day. Woot. I don't think they're the best drabbles ever, but as an exercise, I'm sort of enjoying it.

Reading Summary: October 2012

Ravenclaw reading a book
It's the last day of October! The last day of a month! And yes, that means a summary of the books I've read this month + comments. Also, this means I've now kept the reading list thing up for twenty-two months. Which is a lot of time.

Anyway. October's tally: 14 books read, a good half of those being the first books in various adult urban fantasy series, as I decided I like the idea of urban fantasy and the best way to find myself some series to follow would be to give as many a try as I could. I've got a bunch more bought and ready and waiting, so I suspect there will be more of those ahead in coming months. And now, to spare all the friends pages in the world...

Cut for the list of books and comments.Collapse )

So. A successful month, all in all. I didn't love everything I read, but with two five star reads and several strong four star reads, I'm not complaining. And I got at least six new series to read some more of (although I doubt I'll be keeping up with all of them, especially as I still have a whole load of first books in a whole pile of other urban fantasy series to try).

Picspam: Winter!

Klaas valgus
First: I apologise to everyone who got an untitled spam email with a suspicious link in it from my yahoo address earlier this week. It seems that like so many others, my Yahoo email account got hacked as well. I have changed the password and emptied my contact list, so I'm hoping it won't happen again.

Second: We can haz winter! Yep, woke up to snowy winter wonderland yesterday and have got some more snow (and sunshine) since then. So, here's a handful or two of pictures from yesterday and today.

Cut for pics.Collapse )

Exhausting week has been exhausting. On the plus side, I saw a bullfinch today in the tree right outside my balcony! And a blue tit coming to eat the bird feeding stuff we have on the balcony! And about seventeen sparrows and a dozen great tits have been here at any given moment lately, too.

Have also succumbed to more book-buying, thanks to BooksOnBoard's double rewards week which makes all the books 50% discounted... more urban fantasy titles bought. (Some read, too.) And I finally got around to downloading all my Amazon-acquired books as well, including all the free ones I've snagged over the last two years, and putting them into Calibre, so I'll have them all properly backed up and catalogued. That took the better part of four days, but it's done now.

I also bought a watch on Thursday and a new rucksack. Woot!

And I got my copy of Mortal Coil in German - Rebellion der Restanten - which comes with a short story not yet available anywhere in English outside Australia. As a separate little booklet and all. I figured this is the best chance I have to practice my German. :D The sticker on the book said "Exklusiv - mit cooler Short-Story von Derek Landy", which was, um, not that difficult to decipher, somehow, but I fear the story itself might actually have some real German words in addition to prepositions in it, so it might be a tad more challenging.
Skul & Val
More pictures! Woot! Still autumn, still random.

Cut for the pics.Collapse )

In other news, I've decided to ignore The Casual Vacancy, which is sitting here next to me, glaring at me with its red and yellow eyes cover, for a while longer, and instead I've gone on a mission to try out the first books in various urban fantasy series I haven't yet tried, in the hopes of finding some more series if not to adore, then to enjoy and to follow.

So I've been either buying or wishlisting lots of first books in series I've seen mentioned/recced in various places (although it can sometimes be tricky to tell whether something is actually urban fantasy or paranormal romance or something in between - especially the in-between ones can be tough, as generally "chick in skimpy leather on the cover = urban fantasy" and "naked-chested man on the cover = paranormal romance", but sometimes chicks in skimpy leather can apparently get pretty hot and heavy with the non-cover-depicted supposedly "hot" males, too, and those are difficult to weed out in advance...).

Two books in and I suspect I'm going to need a change from all the leather-clad bad-tempered arse-kicking heroines pretty soon, though. Heh. I mean, I like them as a rule, but there's a difference between a leather-clad arse-kicking heroine who can also use her brains sometimes and one with a gigantic chip on her shoulder who pretty much rages at everyone who as much as crosses their path, and so far, it appears its the latter type that is pretty popular in urban fantasy.
Klaas valgus
I'm currently ... bored. :-| ~blinks~ Got done with horrid!work on Friday; immediately got another bunch of horrid!work, but I did all I could yesterday and while there is one scenario left to do, it's currently blocked (the client hasn't prepared a necessary file yet). And I currently seem to be done with all other work. Thus, random picspam. :D

It's definitely autumn here - have had a few mornings with temperatures dropping to below zero, too, but mostly it's been ~8-10°C and overcast/rainy. Not rainy every day on weekends, at least.

Cut for pics.Collapse )

In other news, I have my Kindle Paperwhite and I'm very happy with it. I don't think I'm really going to use the light a lot, and definitely not on the highest settings, but overall, it feels nicer and the text is sharper than on my K3 (which I was also very happy with). I'm even okay with having to turn the page by touch, although I'd still prefer physical buttons.

I am pretty sure I meant to say something else, too, but I've forgotten now. Meh. Have to go and see what Pätsu has been up to .. I think she's decided to leave a little puddle in the hallway somewhere by the sounds of it. :-/


Reading Summary: September 2012

Ravenclaw reading a book
Yay! It's time for another monthly post for my list of books I've read this year. And ... Hmm. I expected September to be a slow month in reading, not the least because ayerf visited me in Tallinn for a week (yay!) and naturally, that didn't leave any time at all to read (not something I was particularly regretful about, I should say).

Anyway. Twelve books.

Cut for the books and comments.Collapse )

So. This was September. A decidedly mixed bag again, and nothing that got me incredibly excited, but a few enjoyable reads and several new series I'll very likely be reading more of, so not too bad.

*emerges briefly*

Kribu taldrik
This week went past way too fast. In other words, ayerf left for home again today, and the awesome - if extremely exhausting, due to enormous amounts of walking, including lots and lots of medieval uneven staircases - week is over.

As is my holiday, apart from the weekend. On the plus side, I think that this was actually one of the first holidays in a while that served its purpose as a holiday, i.e. reinvigorated me to an extent (apart from the exhaustion!). I've gone for a walk (if not a very long walk on every occasion) on practically every day, apart from two days after I'd managed to get the skin in my heel cracked and bleeding and hurty a bit right before Ayerf's arrival, so I figured it would be best to give it a chance to heal.

I'd also hoped to lose a bit of weight, but instead, in spite of all the walking, I think I've gained some... I wonder if all those daily lunches of icecream and cake in town might have had anything to do with it? *g*

(Also, Ayerf got me a keyring with the cutest little skull attached to it! And another keyring with an adorable little naked skeleton! And a Skulduggery Pleasant bookmark!)


Reading Summary: August 2012

Ravenclaw reading a book
Another month closer to the end of 2012, and another month to add to the list of books I've read this year.

August was an odd month, reading-wise - the first month this year that I stayed under ten books. I'm mostly "blaming" my first read of the month for that, as pretty much all of August's free time has been taken up by discussing it, and all of the books I read after it suffered from the inevitable "meh, it's just not as good" reaction.

Cut for the books and comments.Collapse )

So, yeah. An interesting month, reading-wise - one five star book and a whole load of "meh" ones. I'm rather hoping that September will be better in that sense - either I'll manage to pick better books (or books that better fit my mood), or the post-KOTW bliss will have eased up enough that other books will at least have some sort of chance to seem halfway decent instead of "meh, dull". Although I expect I'll read even fewer books in September, as I have other things planned for my holidays and then there will be a lot of work to catch up with.

Randomness, fic + holiday

bunny Focus on me
I realised two days ago to my great surprise that I'm going on holiday on Monday. For three weeks, even! I'd completely forgotten I asked for holiday time already from August onwards. Fortunately I did remember it in time to still manage to send off the actual signed request thingy (digitally signed, of course) and to let the project managers know.

Today was terribly busy as the project managers had in fact managed to give me a whole lot of work with deadlines in the first half of September, so today was about 8000 words and ten hours. Dedded now. But on holiday! Wheee!

And especially wheeee! since ayerf is going to come for a visit at .. er .. some point in September. I forget. I swear, I knew the actual dates at some point.

In other news, I have no idea why absolutely everyone else in the world seems to have been complaining about some heat wave or another, because it's cold here. It did actually go all the way up to +18°C or so the other day during daytime, but with lots of rain and cold nights, the general feeling is "cold and humid". Brr. Autumn is very definitely here already.

Yesterday I managed to write a bit of schmoopy, sappy, shippy fic (mostly while waiting for this or that project to load - those things can take time sometimes). Part two to my earlier fill for one of the Val/Skul prompts on the Skulduggery Pleasant kink meme (have I mentioned there's a kink meme for SP? well, if not, there is, and it's nice, even though there have been way more prompts than fills so far). If anyone who hasn't read it yet (i.e. anyone not ayerf) is for whatever reason interested, the thread with both parts is here (yes, it's supposed to be anonymous, but with about four people involved in the fandom or at least the Val/Skul part of the kink meme, it didn't stay really anonymous for long :p). Extremely minor Kingdom of the Wicked spoilers (no more than the mention of a name).

Also! I got my hardback copy of Kingdom of the Wicked yesterday, and it's so beautiful. ~admires~ Can't decide whether I should just re-read it now or leave it for a bit longer...

My toes are cold. Wonder if I should locate some socks. Or maybe get some tea. To drink, that is, not pour it all over my toes. Although that would keep the toes warm, I suppose.


Klaas valgus
Er, it's been a while again since the last proper LJ post, hasn't it? I'm still here, mostly lurking... nothing much to post about.

Work has been extremely busy lately, and I haven't really done much else of interest. Except that last week chilliconcarne and his sister elen_ancalima came over for a visit - I had to leave them to their own devices, pretty much, as work didn't really allow me much time to socialise, but we did at least all go for a daytrip to Helsinki on Saturday.

I really should try and get some picspam posts together again soon, as between Helsinki and a walk the weekend before last, I should have some nice pics to post.

Anyway. Helsinki is... well, it really isn't a very touristy town, when one just wants to wander around without any set goals, and I've been there before, plus it was incredibly hot and humid, so most of that time was spent in bookshops and cafés. (I got myself a copy of the first Skulduggery Pleasant book in Finnish. It's weird. The names are... all wrong.)

And then they left on Monday morning (well, at night), and I've been doing more working.

Except for yesterday, when I spent the entire day sort of alternating between work and reading, because I finally got my hands on Skulduggery Pleasant, Kingdom of the Wicked, and it was good. Oh, SO good. The sort of good where you just get punched in the gut two dozen times and then some more, and are left flailing incoherently with the feels and the fears and the worries and the theories and mostly all the feels.

Also, I don't want to spoil anything, but seriously, after this book, I can't see how anyone could say Val/Skul wouldn't be a canon possibility by the end of this series. Because, those feels. ~flails some more~ Landy is an evil author, and he so likes to tease us shippers... And all that nudity. I mean, really.

Right, back to work.

Reading Summary: July 2012

Ravenclaw reading a book
Another month gone, and I'm still keeping track of the books I've read this year. Amazing. ~rolls eyes~

July was one of those slow months again for me, reading-wise... there was work, and there were visitors, and some evenings I was just plain too tired. Even so, I seem to have managed fourteen books, although one of them was a re-read and several were pretty short.

Cut for the books and comments.Collapse )

So, this was July. Fewer books than in some months, but surprisingly many of them were well above average for me - several I really loved, and several others I enjoyed quite thoroughly. And none that I'd actively disliked. Amazing!

Tomorrow is the day when the Kindle version of Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked will be released for Australians and New Zealanders, and as I have no problem pretending to be from Down Under when it's for a good cause (i.e. getting the book a month earlier than otherwise, what with the UK/Ireland/Europe release being only on 30 August), I have a pretty good idea what I'll be starting my August reading list with. :D The physical book's been out in the Southern hemisphere for a week now, and it's been SO HARD to resist looking at spoilers - I haven't managed, fully, but I think/hope there will still be some surprises left for me.

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