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Continental Drift

What do we do now?

26 March 1975
Originally I didn't even plan to write anything in this journal... just signed up to keep up with some other people's entries. Heh.

My posts are mostly a combination of random real life related rants and fandom squees. My currently most squeeful fandom being Skulduggery Pleasant, even though my "active fandom" is still Harry Potter and the SSHG corner of it in particular, and I've been known to squee about Doctor Who, both old and new, as well. *g* I friends-lock most of it, mostly stuff to do with real life. Although perhaps I should flock fandom ramblings instead, to stop outing myself as a fangirl to people who might once have thought I'm a proper and serious person. As if.

If you wish to friend me for whatever reason, you're more than welcome to do so. If I've seen you around, if we have friends in common or if you post a comment telling me you'd like to friend me, I'm more than likely to friend back right away.

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